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Thursday, February 14, 2019

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The Times Photo / Patti Hacault

Ça Claque performers took time prior to their evening concert 

on Saturday, February 9th for a group photo.

Celebrating 50th Anniversary 

in Notre Dame de Lourdes

by Patti Hacault, Staff Reporter


The Comité Culturel de Lourdes celebrated their own 50th Anniversary celebration of the Festival du Voyageur, French-Canadian and Métis folklore style.


It was a fantastic opportunity for local people, both young and old, to enjoy, as well as clap their hands and tap their feet to the high-energy performances of Ça Claque.


Comprised of Franco-Manitoban and Métis artists, the evening featured electrifying French Canadian and Métis folklore, both traditional and contemporary, that kept the audience captivated from the first note of the fiddle to the last step of jigging.


“Our goal hosting this event, as well as the Édouard Lamontagne Concert last Friday, was to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Festival du Voyageur and our French Canadian culture,” noted  Michelle  Julien, Treasurer/ Secretary of the Comité Culturel de Lourdes.


“We wanted to re-awaken their love of the dance and music, as well as encourage people to attend the upcoming Festival du Voyageur. We work continually with social media to promote local cultural events,” added Ariane Comte, Coordinator, Comité Culturel de Lourdes.

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